Yanmar Post Hole Digger

With their heavy-duty, welded construction, rugged gearbox with tapered roller bearing, spring-loaded seals and forged-steel teeth, these posthole diggers won’t back down from tough soil conditions.


DUTY Standard Standard Medium
Tractor PTO HP 14-25 20-35 25-65
Hitch Cat. / Type Cat 0, Limited 1 & Cat 1 Cat 1 Cat 1 & 2
Approximate Weight (lbs.) 140 146 194
Drive Type Gearbox Gearbox Gearbox
Standard-Duty Auger Bit (in.) 6x36, 9x36, 12x36 6x48, 9x48, 12x48
Heavy-Duty Auger Bit (in.) 6x48, 9x48, 12x48, 18x48 6x48, 9x48, 12x48, 18x48, 24x48
Heavy-Duty Pilot Auger (in.) 18x48 (pilot 9), 34x48 (pilot 12)
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