2308 Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutter

2308 Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutter

2308 Series (Available in Pull, Lift & Semi-Mount Models)

The 2308 models are designed to cut grass, weeds and up to 1 1/2” diameter brush. The lift and semi-mount models are equipped with twin beam axles and 15” laminated tires. The pull model has the heavy duty cushioned axles with larger 20” laminated tires. An optional hydraulic cylinder on the heavy duty axle allows for on-the-go cutting height adjustment. Rubber disc cross shafts between gearboxes absorb shock loads while keeping the blades timed with a 5 inch overlap to prevent streaking. Deep sidebands result in more volume area beneath the deck for cutting extra heavy growth conditions. The 2308 delivers performance you expect from Bush Hog® which includes rugged durability and a clean cut. Bush Hog®—Performance You Can Count On.


Performance Features
  • Bush Hog® Performance In An Economical Pasture Mower
  • 8-feet 3-inches Cutting Width
  • Rubeer Disc Cross Shaft From Splitter Box To Outboard Gear Box
  • Front or Rear Deflectors or Chain Shielding
  • Two Blade Pans
  • Shock Absorbing Cross Shafts
  • EZ-Clean Sloped Deck that sheds water
  • Floating A Frame Hitch
  • High Blade Tip Speed
Construction Features
  • 10-gauge Deck Construction
  • 5 Year Gearbox Limited Warranty
  • 7-Gauge x 12-inches Sidebands
  • Weld on Skids
  • Cushioned axle on pull model with large 20-inch tires
  • Powder Coat Paint on pull model
Product Features
  • Cross Shaft From Splitter Box To Outboard Gear Box
  • Heavy Duty Pull Type Axle
  • Twin Beam Axles on Lift and Semi-Mount Models


MODEL 2308
Cutting Width 8-feet 3-inches
Transport Width 8-feet 10-inches
Length (Lift/Pull) 8-feet 9-inches / 12-feet 9-inches
Cutting Height 2 to 13-inches
Cutting Capacity 1 1/2-inches diameter
Hitch Type Category 1 and 2 Standard and Quick Hitch. Pull is self leveling with dual leveling rods.
Deck Thickness 10 Gauge Steel
Side Bands 7-Gauge x 12-inches
Gearbox HP (1 ea.) 140 HP* Center and (2 ea.) 75 HP* Outboards (540 RPM)
Drive Shaft ASAE Category 4 with slip clutch
Driveline Protection 2-Plate Slip Clutch
Blade Holder(s) Oval Type
Blades 1/2-inch x 4-inches Uplift
Blade Overlap 5-inches
Blade Tip Speed 16,173 FPM (540 RPM)
Tires Laminated
Minimum Tractor HP 45 PTO (Lift), 36 PTO (Pull)
Safety Deflectors See enclosure selection
Safety Tow Chain Standard (Pull Models)
Warranty 1-year limited warranty with a 5-year gearbox limited warranty
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