XLRR-X Extreme V-Rake

XLRR Series Hay Rake

XLRRX1226 and XLRRX1428

The XLRRX “Extreme” V-Rakes are feature rich and well built models at an affordable price that compare to more expensive competitor units. With standard walking tandem axles, hydraulically controlled raking and windrow width control from the cab, independently suspended rake wheels in either 12 or 14-wheel configurations and a strong tubular high capacity frame, the XLRRX models are just the right rake for the contract operator or the discerning farmer/rancher that always wants the best available tool for the job. An optional hydraulic dual center kicker wheel kit is the icing on the cake for the XLRRX “Extreme” V-Rake.

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NOTE: Unit(s) shown equipped with certain selections and options; please consult with your local Bush Hog dealer for all available configurations.


Construction Features
  • The XLRRX “Extreme” V-Rakes feature independent wheel suspension on each wheel which equals unmatched performance when operating in rough or rolling terrain
  • Hydraulically adjust the raking width and windrow width from the security of the tractor’s cab using the standard equipment electrically controlled selector valve
  • Each independently suspended wheel operates separately from the adjacent wheel, allowing maximum pickup of cut material even in unlevel ground
  • The XLRRX “Extreme” V-Rakes offer a choice of 55” rake wheels with 7mm tines or a larger 60”/7.5mm tine often preferred in heavier crops with no changes to the machine required
  • High ground clearance of the main frame allows operators to process large windrows in heavy crop conditions
  • Standard walking tandem axles provide a wide support base and permit smoother travel over rough or rolling terrain while reducing ground compaction
  • The wings of the XLRRX models are designed to fold parallel to the ground and to each other resulting in a narrow 9’2” transport width
  • Hydraulic transport locks allow you to safely secure the unit for transport and can be used to lock out one side and rake using only the left hand or right hand in small fields or tight places
  • Heavy duty tubular steel frame provides toughness and durability for years of dependable raking


Number of Finger Wheels 12 14
Finger Wheel Diameter 55 or 60′ 55 or 60′
Tine Diameter 7mm or 7.5 mm 7mm or 7.5 mm
Minimum Transport Height 9″ 2′ 9″ 2′
Transport Width 9″ 2′ 9″ 2′
Minimum Windrow Width 3″ 3″
Maximum Windrow Width 6″ 7′ 6″ 7′
Minimum Working Width 22″ 24″ 11′
Maximum Working Width 25″ 7′ 28″
Tires 205-75/15 205-75/15
Weight 2,670 pounds 2,955 pounds
Minimum HP Required 50 60
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