BSR Hay Rake

Models: BSR8, BSR10 and BSR12

The BSR wheel rakes manufactured by Bush Hog® are ideal for all conditions especially in rough or unlevel hay fields. Each suspended wheel operates independently from its adjacent wheel, thereby giving excellent performance in all conditions. The high ground clearance of the main frame allows for high performance in heavy crop surplus, and each finger wheel has an independent spring suspension that allows it to follow field ground contours across large lots. And as always, our models are built tough for dependable service and performance you can count on!

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NOTE: Unit(s) shown equipped with certain selections and options; please consult with your local Bush Hog dealer for all available configurations.


Performance Features
  • Ideal for all conditions
  • Suspended wheels operate with the influence of adjacent wheel, allowing for better contours
  • High ground clearance from the main frame for high performance in heavy crop conditions
  • Leading wheel can be raised when there is a need to reduce windrow volume
Product Features
  • Each finger wheel has an independent spring suspension that allows it to follow field ground contours.
  • An anti-wrap seal protector on the backside of each finger wheel hub adds more protection for the seal and bearing.


Models BSR8 BSR10 BSR12
Number of Finger Wheels 8 10 12
Transport Width 11-feet 11-feet 4-inches 11-feet 6-inches
Minimum Working Width* 16-feet 9-inches 17-feet 8-inches 19-feet 9-inches
Maximum Working Width* 19-feet 20-feet 8-inches 24-feet 2-inches
Minimum Windrow Width* 32-inches 32-inches 32-inches
Maximum Windrow Width* 83-inches 83-inches 83-inches
Weight 1950-lbs. 2100-lbs. 2450-lbs.
Tire size 205/75/15 205/75/15 205/75/15
Tractor H.P. Requirements (min) 30 HP 30 HP 50 HP
* Depending on Crop Conditions
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